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Norma Jean and Marilyn

Norma Jean & Marilyn

This intriguing telefilm employs Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino to portray two sides of a very troubled woman.
Before Marilyn Monroe became the most well-known sex goddess of her time, she was the dark-haired and extremely ambitious Norma Jean Mortenson, willing to use and bed anyone to become a Hollywood star.

Ultimately, plastic surgery, a breathier voice, and a name change transformed Norma Jean into Marilyn Monroe. Movie roles, fame and sex symbol status soon followed, but her personal life was a wreck.

However, “Marilyn” never lost touch with “Norma Jean,” who tried to guide her career and personal life. Norma Jean, unhappy with what “Marilyn” had done with their life, berated and advised her alter ego for better AND for worse. Only in death would the two personalities be truly reconciled…
Year 1996
Directed by Tim Fywell
Written by Jill Issacs & Anthony Summers (Book)
Made for TV – HBO
Format DVD, VHS
Genre Drama
Rating R
Ashley Judd Norma Jean Dougherty
Mira Sorvino Marilyn Monroe

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